Dating a gay police officer consequences of dating older man

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Gillespie-Amato’s Facebook page was also hidden from view.

When she made the comments last Friday, her profile picture was of her in a police uniform.

Some Facebook users are demanding the firing — and sharing the address and phone number — of a Philadelphia police officer who unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade on Facebook against critics of the Frank Rizzo statue.

“Racist cop KRISTINE GILLESPIE-AMATO is currently employed by the Philadelphia Police Department and the citizens of Philadelphia demand her immediate removal from this position,” a post being shared on Facebook says.

And in July 2016 police officers in Leicester were filmed punching and pepper spraying a suspect.The video begins with three officers on top of Salman, who was trying to swallow the cocaine bags at the time.Salman can be seen bucking his body and kicking his legs as the officers struggle to keep him on the ground.He was sentenced at South West London Magistrates Court to six weeks in prison .A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police said: 'Salman ran from police and was seen attempting to conceal an item.

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A police spokesman declined to comment on the case Friday, other than to say Internal Affairs was investigating.

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